Adriana checkics squirt lessons

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Description: Lesbian couple Kenzie and Chloe signed up online along with thousands of people for a chance to win an in person squirting lesson from Adriana Chechik. While they're hanging out on the couch playing video games Kenzie's phone vibrates when she gets a text, and she's so stunned by it she passes out before she can tell Chloe what it said.
When Kenzie comes to, she tells Chloe that they won the contest and Adriana Chechik is coming to their house! It's like a dream come true for these two as they scream in excitement.
Adriana arrives and after congratulating them on winning the contest she asks them if they've ever squirted before, to which they both reply "no. " She explains that she's brought drinks for them because it's very important to stay hydrated with electrolytes since they'll be losing so much liquid from squirting. Adriana also explains that to be able to squirt you have to be very comfortable with each other, and it's always easier if you're already turned on.
She starts to go more in depth about body positioning, Adriana likes to lie on her back then slide two fingers around her clit, gently rubbing the hood up and down and then in a circular motion, not the rough stuff you seen in the movies.
Kenzie whispers something to Chloe and after some prodding they tell Adriana that they'd love to see her squirt and then taste it. Adriana's reluctant at first but when the girls persist she decides to give them a in depth lesson that will leave everyone soaking wet.
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