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Description: One day, Victoria Voxxx finds an erotic book and steals it away out of curiosity. As she reads it, she becomes enraptured by the BDSM nature of it and how intensely the submissive woman within its pages experiences raw pleasure. Victoria finds herself endlessly daydreaming about what that would feel like, which starts to affect her everyday life and eventually leads to her seeking therapy. Victoria is bashful when she meets Dr. Casey Calvert. They begin discussing Victoria's fantasies and Dr. Calvert quickly realizes that, as a licensed kink-aware therapist and sex surrogate, she can help Victoria live out these secret desires. Victoria is shocked but intrigued as she mumbles, 'I would like to... but I wouldn't know where to start.' That's when Dr. Calvert stands up and takes Victoria's chin in her hands. 'The dominant always knows where to begin!' she says in a stern tone. 'You just do as I say, do you understand?' Victoria nods, her lips quivering as her body instantly burns hot with arousal. Now her fantasies will finally become reality.
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