Seasons Episode 2 - Winter

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Description: Gorgeous Alexis Crystal walks through the snowy landscape, the wind catching her sheer white gown, as episode two – "Winter" – of Andrej Lupin’s erotic series "Seasons" begins. Falling back into the deep snow, she’s transported into a soft white room as Nick Ross catches her in his arms and embraces her passionately. He sucks her stiff nipples, then kisses his way down between her stockinged thighs to lick her pussy, before fingering her to the brink of orgasm. Nick penetrates Alexis in spoons, then switches to missionary, fucking her with steady strokes until her climax overwhelms her. They move into doggy position and Nick drives into Alexis from behind, making her orgasm again and filling her with hot cum that gushes out as they kiss tenderly.
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Models: Alexis Crystal