The Lesbian Study pt. 1

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Description: Joyce (Evelyn Claire) is writing a paper on The Lesbian Life, she meets up with a beautiful woman who is offering to split the rent with her, and also provide her with resources for her paper, Paula (Lena Anderson). Joyce had no idea what character she was moving in with, Paula is her polar opposite. Paula is wild, carefree, one moment she has a job, and the next day she doesn't; Paula is a self proclaimed "fucking-lesbian legend." Joyce is modest, she appreciates responsibility and values structure, and she's growing impatient with her new friend, Joyce. It's been three weeks and she still hasn't nailed an interview yet! Finally Joyce sets up an interview, as promised, with a prominent lesbian around down, Lisa (Scarlit Scandal).
There's a certain energy to the air when something life-changing is about to happen, Joyce felt the tension of that energy when she was walking up to Lisa's home. Lisa sits on the soda and Joyce sits by her. Lisa looks intently at Joyce, carefully observing her. Joyce feels a bit embarrassed and looks away, she reaches toward her bag to grab a pen and paper for notes. Lisa laughs smoothly, she slides her soft fingers over Joyce's hand, guiding her to put them back away. Lisa moves to kiss Joyce, and Joyce jumps in surprise, "wait.. I-" Lisa smiles, brushing Joyce's hair back from her face, "this is what you want, isn't it?" Lisa's voice is smooth and velvety, the sound of it makes Joyce weak. Joyce is speechless, but she nods 'yes.'
Watch the story unfold..
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