The Auction

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Description: Samantha (Whitney Wright) slowly seduces her stepbrother, Kenneth (Codey Steele) in bed after he rescues her from a terrible mistake, but Kenneth aggressively and passionately surprises her and takes control in bed. Tease, creampie.
Kenneth (Codey Steele) is driving his step-sister, Samantha (Whitney Wright), home after a charity event. She's equal parts annoyed and relieved that he's with her, she agreed to something she's not quite comfortable with, charity dating. Her boss organized a charity event where most of the girls that work for her, the most ambitious of her team, were to be auctioned off for a date to the highest bidder. Samantha stood on the stage in her evening gown when a pervy-looking old man was bidding on her, her step-brother chimed in and outbid him in a very expensive battle of bids! She never told her boss that it was, in fact, her stepbrother who won the date, and her boss is so pleased that Samantha was capable of bringing in such an impressive amount to charity. Samantha should be happy, but instead she's confused. How did her stepbrother know what she was up to? Where did he get the money from?
Watch the story unfold..
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