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Description: Hysteria is the story of Anna (Aiden Ashley), an accomplished author, and Christine (Anna Claire Clouds), an artist. On the surface, this loving couple's marriage appears to be harmonious and beautiful. But beneath this veneer of domestic bliss lurks an undercurrent of mistrust that threatens to consume their relationship. For Anna, the pressure to deliver a new book to her publisher is compounded by the roadblocks she's encountering on her writing journey. Is her writer's block due to external factors like her disagreements with her supportive yet demanding literary agent Vicki (Casey Calvert)? Or is her creative lull a manifestation of internal conflicts, self-doubt and creative exhaustion? Or, is the root cause something more ... otherworldly? Do the strange sounds she hears late at night have a rational explanation, or are they cryptic messages from the other side?
Models: Casey Calvert