My Panty Boy-Toy

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Description: Mistress Mackenzie has picked out the perfect pair of pink ruffled satin panties to wrap around your sissy clit stick. She knows your life would be that much better as an owned sissy girl all dressed up for her. Now be a good slut and put on these pink panties and pull your cock out to the side. I want to see you stroke that sissy clit stick as you show me just how horny it makes you. In fact, I love you in panties so much that I think I am going to keep you like this at all times. You don't need your ugly boy underwear any more so go throw them in the trash so you have no choice but to always be a panty wearing sissy. Don't stroke too fast as I can see you are really excited with your clitty stick already starting to leak for me. I want you to edge just for me and beg to cum with your mouth open wide and ready to lick it all up. Good sissies eat every last drop and you are going to show me just how good of a bitch you really are.
Categories: Masturbation Femdom POV
Models: Mackenzie Moss