Caged Boy Batter

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Description: Mistress Kendra James keeps her slave locked in permanent chastity so they always know who they belong too. She has her slave completely bound, hooded and objectified just how she likes them on display. He is given an ultimatum that if he wants to finally cum he must do it through the bars of his chastity cage. Mistress Kendra loves to tease him with dreams of having his chastity removed and tells him if he can orgasm in chastity maybe it will be unlocked. Her chastity slut works extra hard to cum as Mistress Kendra holds the vibrator on the sweet spot right underneath the head of his chastity. She milks out a huge load of boy batter then immediately ruins any pleasure by busting his balls over and over again. He screams and moans as she bashes his balls hoping he can finally be unlocked for cumming in his chastity but of course that was only just a dream. Mistress Kendra keeps his cock permanently locked and sealed in its cage while laughing at his hopes of ever being set free.
Categories: Femdom Redhead BDSM
Models: Kendra James