Serial Breeder

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Description: Eric (Seth Gamble) grew up in his own idyllic world where men were men and women were women, and EVERYONE knew their role. He is entranced by women and how they have the power to create life and give a man heirs, and he knows it’s HIS role to help produce those heirs. Whether he finds women in parks or through online dating profiles, he knows what he wants and he only finds those who want the same thing… EVEN if he has to twist the narrative a little.
Today, Eric is preparing for a date, having invited his latest conquest over. As soon as he hears her knocking, he immediately begins pretending that he’s injured. Casey (Kenzie Anne) enters and is immediately sympathetic as Eric plays her like a fiddle…
Once in the bedroom, where Eric has bred many women before, he spins a lie about an accident causing him to be paralyzed from the waist down. Unfortunately, it’s left him infertile as well, though he often wishes that he could have a family of his own.
Casey buys into everything he says, drawn to his perceived vulnerability. She thinks he’s being completely honest with her and wants to be closer to him, which soon leads to an intimate encounter. But little does Casey know, she’s playing right into a serial breeder’s hands…
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