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Description: Gorgeous girlfriends Chloe Cherry and Jillian Janson are in the shower, hands working between each other’s thighs, as guest director James Martinez’s steamy lesbian movie "Baked" begins. We flash back to see them turning up the temperature in the kitchen, as they abandon their cake-making in favor of passionate kisses. Cute blonde Chloe hops up onto the counter and slips off her jean shorts so Jillian can eat her pussy. She moans with arousal as Jillian spreads her hot pink folds open and sucks her clit avidly, then kisses her with wet lips. They move to the sofa, where Chloe teases her sweetheart’s stiff nipples and fingerbangs her shaved pussy, before going face down to lick her. Gazing up with her big blue eyes, the suction of her luscious lips gives Jillian a powerful orgasm. Now Chloe bends over the back of the sofa so Jillian can eat her from behind, face buried between her sexy ass cheeks.