Fond Memories - Lacy Lennon

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Description: Ryan (Jay Romero) brings home his new girlfriend, Lydia (Lacy Lennon). She is excited to be seeing Ryan's home and looking forward to meeting his surviving parent, Nate (Tommy Pistol), seeing it as the next step in their relationship. Ryan is also looking forward to it, saying that he wants Lydia to feel like part of the family. Before entering the house, Ryan inspects Lydia's hair and adjusts it slightly. She recently had it styled at Ryan's suggestion, and he seems oddly concerned with making sure it looks perfect.
When Ryan and Lydia enter the house, they see Nate, who looks a bit melancholy as he plays the piano. After Ryan introduces Lydia and Nate to each other, Nate comments that Lydia looks familiar, but Lydia says they've never met before. She then asks Nate to continue playing the piano, saying the music sounds beautiful. Nate continues playing, but sadly explains that his late wife was much better at piano than he is. Lydia is delighted with Nate's playing anyway, sitting beside him for a bit. Something about Lydia's presence seems to cheer up Nate a bit, and he even smiles.
Ryan then tells Lydia he has a surprise for her, and leads her to another room, where a gift is waiting for her. The gift turns out to be new shoes and even a pretty dress, which Ryan had custom made for her. Once Lydia has changed into the new outfit, Ryan examines her appearance, adjusting her hair before saying she looks wonderful. Lydia is thrilled with the new clothes, and tells Ryan she's grateful to have him in her life, especially since she never thought she'd be happy again after someone in her family died. Ryan compares her situation to his own family's situation, then says they should go show Nate how beautiful she looks.
When Ryan and Lydia go back into the living room, Nate is stunned. It turns out that with her new hairstyle and clothes, Lydia looks just like Nate's late wife Megan did when she was younger. Lydia is confused and upset by this revelation, demanding that Ryan explain himself. Ryan tells Lydia that Nate has been lonely and distraught ever since Megan died. So when Ryan found someone (Lydia) who looks like Megan, he pretended to be interested in dating her, to prepare her as a gift for Nate
Lydia is angry that her relationship with Ryan was a lie, and begins to leave. But Ryan reminds her of how much death has hurt her own family, saying that Nate is in the same position right now. Lydia can't help but feel sympathy for Nate, and Ryan slips away so Lydia and Nate can be alone. Nate calls Lydia 'Megan', as he talks about how much he loves her and misses her, gaining more and more of Lydia's compassion as she thinks about the tragedy in her own family. By the time Nate asks Lydia if he can touch her and kiss her, Lydia says yes, exactly as Ryan planned...
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