Trained to Swallow

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Description: Crawl in here slave and listen very closely. The next part of your training is very important as you are going to learn to swallow your cum to please me. Take your cock out of your pants and start stroking as I want you to be very hard for me. I am going to make this as pleasurable as possible for you slut as I want you to enjoy swallowing your cum as much as I enjoy watching. Now spit on your cock and keep pumping while you stare at my beautiful ass until I give you permission to cum. By the end of your training, you won't want to cum unless it is in your own mouth. In fact, by the end of your training, you will only be allowed to cum when you are swallowing that big, fat load I make you save up. Got it slut?!? Don't stop stroking... xx - Evelyn Claire
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