Photographer's Muse Vanna Bardot

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Description: Stunning brunette Vanna Bardot is posing provocatively in sexy lingerie, stockings and high heels, as Alex Ladd’s erotic movie “Photographer’s Muse” begins. Her boyfriend Codey Steele snaps away enthusiastically, but he is a little confused when Vanna asks him to use her phone instead of his professional camera; and he walks away in frustration when she starts snapping selfies. Realizing she has offended him, Vanna apologizes in the sweetest way possible, by kissing him until he cracks a smile, then freeing his stiff cock from his shorts and taking it in her mouth. She licks it from root to tip and sucks it eagerly, corkscrewing her hand around the shaft to make him groan with pleasure. Codey laps at his gorgeous girlfriend’s nipples, as she straddles him and guides his erection into her hot pussy. Sliding up and down on it, Vanna rides sensuously, rocking her hips to intensify the blissful sensations. They slam together faster, flipping over into missionary so Vanna can rub her clit as her lover powers into her. Codey buries his nose in her fluffy bush as he licks her to a breathless orgasm, then fucks her to another in spoons before spraying his copious creamy load over her quivering pussy.
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