St. Patrick's Day Feet Deal

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Description: It was St.Patrick's day and I was dressed up all in green as a sexy Irish waitress in slutty high heels. I looked so hot I was sure I'll score some big-dick-stud at the St. Patty's party. I was about to walk out the door when my stepdad, who was sitting in the living room with a big beer mug in his hand, called me back in. He started telling me that my dress is too slutty and my grades are too low so he and my mom think that I shouldn’t go to this party. I was like WTF? But he was dead serious. I so badly wanted to go out and relax over some drinks and then get my slutty pussy stuffed. I had to come up with something good. I went to the kitchen and filled up a beer mug for myself and walked back to the living room. I sat next to my stepdad and raised my mug for a cheers. Then I noticed him checking me out. He always does that when he drinks I had an idea. What if I fuck him in exchange for his and my mom’s good graces to go to this party. Meanwhile, his eyes were dead-locked on my sexy white pedicured long feet. I had seen his browsing history before so I knew he has a serious foot fetish. I put my sexy legs and smooth feet up on his lap, and when he was almost drooling, I presented my offer. With no hesitance he accepted the deal and clearly couldn't wait to feel my feet and long toes in his mouth. First he kissed my soft high arches then removed my high heels and started sucking on my beautiful toes. I have to admit it felt amazing and he was great. My pussy started to get so wet all while thinking I'm about to fuck my stepdad. It made me feel so naughty and dirty but it was such a turn on. When he took out his big cock I immediately wanted to suck it, gag on it, then deepthroat it before giving him and sloppy slutty footjob. His big dick looked so good with my white pedicured toes wrapped around it. He bent me over and fucked my pussy; treating me like the little slut that I am. I came so hard while he was on top and sucking on my toes while fucking me with that big fat stepdad cock. After that I rode his huge dick with my sexy soft soles up on his legs. At the end, he came all over my beautiful white pedicured toes, which I licked off. I really wanted to taste his cum. Cum on feet just looks so deliciously naughty I had to lick them totally clean! Now that I had a beer and multiple orgasms I’m not sure I even want to go to this party. LOL.