I Banged My Step-Sister Skyler in Quarantine

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Description: So there I was last weekend on our lame family spring break trip to Florida thanks to social distancing. Well My parents wanted to stop by Panama City so they could visit some old college friends that lived there for a night, of course they get to breathe rules but not us. Skyler and I stayed behind at the AIRNB Rental on the beach. At first it was cool and we went in the pool, but once we were finished with that we both realized that there was no wifi. We were both completely bored out of our gord’s. So Skyler and I decided to play truth or dare and soon enough I got my step-sister to pull her big old titties for me. I never really thought she was hot, but once I saw her boobs I was hooked. I wanted to touch them so bad. At that point I didn't care about social distancing. Well I guess Skyler didn't care about the rules either and next thing you know she let me play with her puppies. They were the most amazing breasts I had ever touched. Well, one thing led to another and soon I was balls deep inside my step-sister. I didn't care about distancing at all, it was a risk I was willing to take. I fucked her really good for about 8 minutes then she made me shoot my load in her mouth and she swallowed it. When we both finished, we promised we would never tell another person what happened. Except for my best friend Bucky of course. When I let him know, he was super jealous and he told me that he would have risked it as well, if it meant that he could fuck my step-sister Skyler. So I'm feeling pretty good about myself now.
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