I Mesmerized my Wife SKYLAR Vox

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Description: I Mesmerized my Wife SKYLAR Vox who HATES FUCKING Me  

Husband Mind controls his rude wife who never gives him any action. Skyler’s Husband, Frankie, has had a long day of work at the factory. All he wants to do is lay down with his wife, snuggle with her, and hopefully have sex. Well when he gets out of the shower and walks into their bedroom, his wife, Skylar, is a total limp fish. She wants nothing to do with him and she rudely lets it be known. Well Frankie is sick and tired of getting denied so he is going to flip the script. You see last night when he was leaving work, he happened to see one of the Scientists who works at the factory, drop something from his tote. Well turns out it was a pair of specially designed glasses that will turn the person wearing them into a robot. Frankie sort of knew about the device through office rumors, but he didn’t know it actually worked until today. Watch as Frankie Mind Controls his bitchy wife. He makes her change out of her awful Moo Moo outfit and into something sexy. He then worships her feet, toes, tits, ass, legs and the rest of her body. He has his Skylar suck on his cock and balls then he fucks her six ways from Sunday. When he is finished using her as a sex toy he lathers up her tits and fucks them until he explodes all over her chest. Frankie can't wait for tomorrow night he just needs to think of something raunchy to do to with her. No more Mr. Nice Guy, no more Mr. Clean.
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