Chad Alva

Chad Alva
  • Country: United States
  • City: St. Paul
  • Age: 39
  • Height: 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
  • Weight: 180 lbs (81 kg)
Early Years
Chad Alva grew up in Minnesota and describes a standard Midwest childhood. Somewhat shy and geeky, he found solace in his hobbies, which included becoming proficient as a bassist in local metal bands. In high school he joined the metalcore band Dead To Fall. By 2005, Alva was touring full time with the band. At one point, the band stayed with one of the starlets from the alt-porn site RazorDolls. Having been a serious fan of porn since his early teens, this was a lucky break for Alva. When the starlet heard Alva was a porn fanatic, she insisted he do a scene with her. Alva couldn't turn it down. Soon after, RazorDolls asked him to do another scene, this time with Riley Mason. Assured it would be a one-on-one, Alva was shocked to find a hotel room full of people when he arrived, including Stoya, Page Morgan, Dane Cross, and Violet Skye.

Pursuing Porn & XXX Debut
In 2007, Dead to Fall was recording in Baltimore and Alva decided to get in touch with soon-to-be porn star Andy San Dimas. The two met up and for the next 2 weeks were inseparable. Alva convinced San Dimas to go back to Minnesota with him and the two struggled to make ends meet. In 2008, despite selling over 60,000 albums,Dead to Fall broke up over serious financial issues, Alva and San Dimas decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams of working in porn. But it was much more difficult than Alva realized, especially for men in the industry. San Dimas, on the other hand, was working often, making plenty of money to support the two of them. San Dimas was Alva's ticket into the industry; going by the name of Vin Vericose, Alva made his debut with San Dimas in On My Dirty Knees for Vivid Entertainment.

Studios & Notable Films
Vivid-Alt liked Alva's look and wanted to give him another test, this time with someone other than his girlfriend. He filmed a scene for Pussy a Go Go and proved that he could perform on set no matter who was there. This set off his career with a bang, allowing him to work with some of the best production companies in the industry, such as Burning Angel, New Sensations, Paper Street Media, Zero Tolerance, and many more. Notable films for Alva include, but are certainly not limited to Alt Nation (Burning Angel), Feeding Frenzy 11 (Jules Jordan Video), Lick It Up 6 (3rd Degree), Student Bodies 2 (Mile High), and Total Titty Fucking Domination (Penthouse).

Although Alva received several nominations for his work in the industry, and eventually became a recognizable figure in the sex scene, he decided to retire from the industry in 2013 with about 150 titles to his credit. He is currently a member of a new electronic based metal band called Children. In 2015, it was announced that Chad and the former members of Dead to Fall would reunite for a summer tour. Chad returned to filming in 2015.
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